We are a team of professional designers, with plenty of experience. We offer great services with reasonable prices.  

Welcome to Yellow Designs

Who are we?

We are a design company that offers a wide range of services. Choose from: Graphic Design, Web Design, 3D Design, Animation, Video Editing and Photography. We have more than 7 years of experience in the above mentioned fields. Our headquarters are located in a small mediterranean country called Montenegro. Salty air and mediterranean climate boosts our creativity.




Why should you hire us?

We communicate with our clients.

We will accommodate to your needs.

We are available at any time of day or night.

We offer discounted prices for new brands and start-ups.

We offer great quality of services that we provide, while maintaining a reasonable price. 


Our New Work.


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Our Work
We believe actions speak louder than words.

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We aim to be the best. To be the best, here at Yellow Designs we aim to make the best visual solutions on the market. Every design goes through a similar process during its creation. We start with the general idea you had about the design you want. Key to this phase is good communication between us and our clients